5 things you should be doing on Facebook right now!

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By Samantha Litfin | Marketing Manager

If you are serious about your Facebook game, then here are our top 5 top tips on what you need to be doing, right now, to make sure your online presence impresses your followers!

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the perfect way to entice people to your venue. Go live when bands are playing, show the dancefloor full of happy people dancing and enjoying your venue, live broadcast competition finals, showcase major events, e.g. Melbourne Cup just as the race ends getting the cheers and whoops as people’s horses win. Two of the major draw cards of social media are unique content and video. FB Live gives you both and it’s FREE … why not give it a try today!

  1. Share Regularly

Sharing information regularly builds credibility. It shows your followers that you are active and also listening. Ideally you want to share unique content that is interesting to your followers, however, content curation and sharing of other interesting industry item is also a good plan. There is so much to share, good news, updates, competition winners, dinner specials, promotions, competitions … the list is endless!

  1. Integrate Promotions

One thing that hospitality venues all have in common is regular promotions, win an esky, win a holiday, win a car, win cash, win free gear … the joy goes on. Why not try and integrate some of these promotions with your Facebook followers, reward them for being as loyal online as they are offline. Like this post and comment to be in the draw to win a prize on a certain date – but you have to be at the club to win. Just be sure to double check rules and regulations from Facebook and also, put deadlines on your digital cross over promotions.

  1. Respond Quickly

There is an expectation on social media, an immediacy expectation. If someone has taken the time to like, comment, share, check in, post or message about you … show them how much it means to you and do it quickly! Instant gratification is key online, whether they are supporting or complaining, be there for your followers and they will be there for you, both on and offline.

  1. Be Visual

Make an effort to provide fantastic visuals for your followers. Using that 3 year old Samsung (that might blow up if left on charge too long) to take grainy, poorly lit and average looking photos, is not going to cut it for your social media savvy followers. Get great action shots, take clean videos, make sure people having a good time are featured every time (empty shots of your beautiful venue is not a good brand showcase). You’ll notice the uptake in engagement immediately if you prepare and take care with your visuals.

Now get out there and ace your Facebook and use this great free tool to your best advantage!

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