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December 2020 Gaming

In December more Queenslanders travelled within our own state and our border was starting to open up to other states, giving tourism a boost.  Comparing to last month, December saw a significant increase to $260.6M, from $211.6M in November 2020.

Looking at the year-on-year results, December 2020 ($260.6M) showed a 21.57% growth in metered win in comparison to 2019 ($214.3M). ADR for Queensland is $215.

Regional Analysis

All LGAs saw considerable increases in December 2020.  Cairns LGA saw an incredible 62.5% increase on last year, followed by Rockhampton LGA at 41.2% and Townsville (37.1%).

The two-year comparison also shows Cairns leading at 66.1% growth; Mount Isa comes in second at 53.4% followed by Rockhampton at 51.5%.

The three LGAs with the highest ADR are:

  • Cairns at $294
  • Mount Isa $292
  • Logan $288

Cairns leads the growth (64.6%) in SA4 data when compared with December 2019.  Queensland Outback has grown by 43.2%, followed by Townsville at 37.6%.


This month’s market share has remained stable with results the same as last month (Clubs at 43.2%).

Year on year movement of metered win by Clubs and Hotels across Queensland shows Clubs have continued with a slightly stronger year-on-year growth than pubs.

How do you compare to your region’s performance?

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