Queensland Gaming Data

Queensland Gaming Data

March 2021 Gaming


  • This month’s figures have been compared with March 2019 and 2018 due to the shutdown last year. 

Greater Brisbane lockdown:

  • Data for March uses 31 trading days despite the short lockdown across Greater Brisbane LGAs, from 5 pm on March 29th until noon on April 1st.
  • LGA’s affected by the lockdown are Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay and Redland. Affected SA4’s are Brisbane East, Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane West, Brisbane Inner City, Ipswich, Logan – Beaudesert, Moreton Bay North and Moreton Bay South.
  • ADR for these areas is based on the number of operational machines in February 2021. OLGR defines ‘operating machines’ as those which are switched on at the wall at the time of reporting (31 March 2021). Due the lock down, some venues within the affected LGA’s and SA4’s switched off their machines to reduce overhead operating costs while they were unable to trade. Therefore, the number of ‘operational machines’ as reported by OLGR is an inaccurate record of actual Operational EGMs for the whole months as these venues operated as per normal for 93% of the month.

March 2021 ($220.8M) showed a 9.34% growth in metered win in comparison to 2019 ($193.8M). ADR for Queensland is $176.

Regional Analysis

Rockhampton LGA leads the LGAs on the two-year comparison, with a 27.5% increase on March 2019. Mackay LGA, coming second, saw a 22.6% increase on March 2019, followed by Toowoomba LGA at 18.5%.

The three-year comparison also shows Rockhampton LGA leading at an impressive 44.6% growth, with Townsville coming in second at 31% followed by Mackay LGA (28.5%).

The three LGAs with the highest ADR are Logan at $257, followed by Mount Isa ($210), and Moreton Bay at $209. Nine of the 15 LGA areas are above the reported Queensland ADR of $176.

Queensland Remainder’s ADR in March is slightly below Queensland’s ADR, at $160. SEQB, on the other hand, reports an ADR of $186, which is 5.68% higher than Queensland as a whole, for the month of March.

Looking at SA4s, Mackay – Isaac – Whitsunday leads the growth by 21.9% when compared with March 2019. Central Queensland has grown by 17.8%, followed closely by Toowoomba at 17.2%.


This month’s market share has seen a slight increase towards Hotels at 55.8%, up by 0.7% compared to 55.1% in February 2021. Clubs’ market share this month is at 44.2%.

Year on year movement of metered win by Clubs and Hotels across Queensland continues to show Clubs have seen a significantly stronger year-on-year growth than pubs.

How do you compare to your region’s performance?

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