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September 2020 Gaming

Looking at the year on year results, September 2020 showed an impressive $251M metered win, in comparison to 2019 at $208M, a growth of 20.6%.  ADR for Queensland is $207.

Metered Win in September continues last month’s trend of a slight decrease month on month; however we are still seeing significant growth from 2019. Comparing September with August 2020, Clubs have seen a 10.08% decrease with Hotel’s decreasing by 13.97%. Queensland metered win this month was $250.9M, down 12.4% from August 2020 ($286.4M).

Brisbane West is the first statistical area to show a decrease in Metered Win year on year (-1.8%), however continues to show an increase in ADR ($158 in September 2020 vs $145 in 2019) due to 61 less operating EGMs.  Overall in Queensland there are 800 less operating EGMs since February 2020.

Regional Analysis

Rockhampton LGA continues to lead in growth with a huge 47.7% increase on last year, followed by Mount Isa (+36.2%) and Cairns (+32.1%).

The two-year comparison also shows impressive growth in in Rockhampton at 52.5%, Townsville comes in second at 44.1% followed by Mackay at 40.5%.

The three LGAs with the highest ADR are Logan at $299, followed by Townsville ($261) and Mount Isa ($260).  Seven of the 15 LGA areas are above the reported Queensland ADR of $208.

An analysis of the SA4 data shows Queensland Outback with the highest year on year growth up 36.5% from September 2019, followed by Cairns (+36.4%) and Central Queensland (+32.6%).


At the reopening of venues in July 2020 the market share shifted towards pubs, however as shown below clubs are continuing to claw back some of this lost market share.

The graph below illustrates the overall movement of metered win by Clubs and Hotels across Queensland since September 2018.  Movement is still strong, with Clubs strengthening again in September.

How do you compare to your region’s performance?

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