6-Point Licensing Self-Check for Christmas

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As we approach the Christmas Holiday period it is time to do the usual ‘self-check’ and ensure that you and your venue are ready for the coming ‘silly season’.
Here is a 6-Point Self-Check that you will hopefully find helpful and of some assistance to you or perhaps they will just kickstart your ‘reminder/to-do list’:

  • If you are hosting any end of year work functions make sure you have risk assessed them and you have adequate staff and security rostered for the occasion.

As I am sure you all know, ‘private’ functions can be the riskiest events to host, especially if there is a bar tab.

  • If you intend to do any liquor promotions (and the OLGR regard the use of a ‘bar tab’ to be a risky promotion) make sure you have prepared a ‘Harm Minimisation Plan’ (HMP) as required by Guideline 60.

Ensure the relevant staff have read the HMP and signed off acknowledging that they understand the RSA and management requirements to ensure that the supply of liquor is done so responsibly.

  • Make sure you don’t promote the sale price of liquor for consumption on your premises external to your venue – remember to double check your Facebook posts and other social media marketing to ensure compliance with s142ZZC of the Liquor Act 1992 and check those ‘chalk boards’ to make sure you haven’t been inadvertently naughty.
  • Make sure your security staff are tasked and briefed properly and that the Security Register has been filled out correctly. Remember, if it is deficient it is the liquor licensee that will receive any infringement notice that may be issued.
  • If you are hosting larger than usual patron numbers, ensure you keep the washroom facilities clean and tidy – the failure to do so can result in an infringement notice being issued.
  • Of course, make sure all the usual compliance requirements have been attended to – copies of all staff RSA and RMLV certificates are available for inspection (particularly if you have employed additional staff for this busy time of the year), have the original of your Liquor Licence available on site for inspection if requested and if you have an “Approved” RAMP make sure you have the required signage displayed advising it is available for inspection and that you have a copy available to present (and staff are aware of the contents of the RAMP)

These 6 points are no doubt enough to add to your already busy and demanding schedules but nevertheless important points to take note of.
As always, should you have any general licensing queries please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email

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