Safety and Compliance

Risk to organisations comes in many forms and, if not effectively managed, can result in legal action, fines or penalties, business disruption, declining reputation, market share and profits, injury and illness and damage to physical assets. Implementing risk strategies can eliminate or minimise these negative outcomes.  Risk Strategies are preventative and proactive approaches to complying with key requirements in the following legislation:

  • Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulation
  • Food Act & Regulation
  • Building Fire Safety Regulation
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act  & Regulation
  • Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act & Regulation
  • Environmental Protection Act  & Regulation
  • Electrical Safety Act and Regulation

Do you know if you are at risk? Most organisations closely monitor their gaming and financial performance and can react when issues are identified but often do not do the same for other compliance areas which can put the organisation at risk. A risk review or compliance audit can give you the information to put your mind at ease or identify the gaps and where you are at risk.

What evidence do you have that you meet your duties? Documentation and records are an organisations best friend when the unthinkable happens. Documented policies and procedures, risk assessments and manuals are all ways to provide evidence that you understand your duties and have strategies in place to manage risk.

Have you given your staff the Information, Instruction and training to manage risks? Risk strategies often fall down at the implementation stage. Giving your staff the training and knowledge allows them to do the right thing and gives you the peace of mind that the risk strategies in place will be effective.

DWS risk consultants have a broad depth of experience in the risk management arena and are ideally placed to assist with enabling your organisation to comply. Our risk management projects include single projects and on-going retainers in clubs, taverns, serviced accommodation, local councils, casinos and other industries. Each year, DWS complete over 500 consulting assignments. Recent risk management projects include the following achievements:

  • Retainer risk management contract with major international hotel and resort operator in Australia.
  • Development of a specific health and safety auditing tools geared towards the hospitality and leisure industries.
  • Conduct professional auditing assignments (work health and safety; food safety; Asbestos; AUSTRAC) for the hospitality and leisure industries.
  • Develop, implement and manage safety management systems for a number of high profile club, hotel and resort venues.
  • Develop, implement and manage food safety management systems for a number of high profile restaurants and hotels.
  • Liaise with boards and committees regarding health and safety legislative requirements, and provide advice on risk mitigation strategies which include financial and operational risk measures.
  • Formulate and implement risk mitigation strategies for high profile national and international organisations.
  • Conduct workplace investigations for numerous clients and provide consultative feedback and advice.
  • Presenting at national safety conferences on behalf of the leisure and hospitality industry in relation to health and safety for national and international audience.


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