April Book Review: Let’s Get Ethical

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I recently facilitated a Corporate Governance Workshop for the Queensland Police Commissioned Officers’ committee, where I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Mark Harvey, an expert in organisational ethics. Dr. Harvey has provided counsel on ethics to numerous organisations and has lectured on the subject at university for many years. He also served as the Ethics Manager for Operational Policing & Leadership Training in the Queensland Police Service and holds a directorial position at Ethics Advisory Services for APS.

During this workshop, Dr. Harvey introduced his publication, “The Ethical Leader’s Handbook,” which addresses the ever-increasing ethical standards in sport, business, and the wider community. This invaluable resource aids in understanding and educating individuals about the evolving landscape of ethical conduct.

“The Ethical Leader’s Handbook” serves as a definitive guide, offering strategies and systems that leaders can readily apply to address and prevent unethical behaviour within their organisations. It holds the keys to advancing one’s career and steering their organisation towards a positive and successful future. Readers will gain insights into terms and tactics likened to jet airliners, icebergs, and apples, all crucial in establishing and maintaining their organisation’s Ethical Infrastructure.

Dr. Mark Harvey’s work stems from a comprehensive examination of ethical failures worldwide across corporate, government, and other sectors over the past three decades. Available for purchase from Amazon at a modest price starting from twenty-six dollars, I wholeheartedly recommend “The Ethical Leader’s Handbook” to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of management’s role in shaping, improving, adapting, and overseeing ethical standards.

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