Award Winning Tips for Staying Safe at the Keno AHG Expo 2019

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We all know that the Brisbane Keno AHG Expo week is pretty damn huge in terms of business opportunity, networking with peers and learning about new and exciting technology. In all the excitement, it’s important to keep healthy and safe to get the most out of it, so our DWS Safety & Compliance Advisor, Michelle has put together three Award-Winning Safety Tips ™ to keep you in tip top shape for the week.
Stay Hydrated
Yes, there is water in beer and wine is just grape juice in party mode. However (stay with me now), to keep going strong through all the great activities and events over the Expo, you do need to pace your intake of alcohol. Grab a sparkling mineral water or a craft ginger beer (the non-alcoholic kind) in between drinks. Your liver, kidneys and head will thank you the next day.
Protect your Hearing
When you are accepting your award/s for being totally awesome, there is going to be increased noise levels in the Convention Centre. Even with the great acoustics in the function room, you may want to consider hearing protection against the roar of the crowd cheering on your achievements. Need some ear plugs? (Or even if you are bunking in with a snoring colleague!) Come see Michelle on Stand 27 at the Expo.
Ergonomics at the Expo
Wear comfy shoes! If you are a visitor to the expo or if you have a stand (did I mention that we are on Stand 27?), it’s likely you will need to….well….STAND for the majority of the day. Good supportive shoes (particularly after all the dancing that will be done at the Awards dinner) will keep your feet from aching at the end of the day. Sit when you can and if you can do some stretches to keep your back happy, we’ll all join in, Merv Hughes style!
(For the Gala Dinner, the comfy shoe rule doesn’t apply (to me) OK. I am going totally against the usual black, sensible, enclosed, non-slip shoe. After a risk assessment, of course.)
Above all, enjoy yourself and come and say hi to us on Stand 27!

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