Do You Know How Lucky We Are?

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Given we’re all so busy and preoccupied, I probably didn’t stop to really consider how difficult life could be for people involved with organisations I have recently become acquainted with. We’ve had a variety of unexpected online customers come on board for Food Safety courses, such as The Ukrainian Club Brisbane, Barkly Work Camp in the Northern Territory, and the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.

A few weeks ago, I spent a few days in hospital for a checkup. While I was there, with no access to emails or phone calls, I started thinking how lucky I am to be in a comfortable room getting attention from specialists and being looked after by tentative nurses. The “room service” was what you might expect in a 5-Star hotel…. However, on TV, I could see a disaster unfolding in Israel and Gaza, and the ongoing human misery in Ukraine. How could such horror still occur in this supposedly modern society….? I then recalled the new organisation I had become acquainted with in our own backyard and wondered how challenging life must be for some people.

A lot of people are doing it tough in Australia, too. But this epiphany brought home to me that things aren’t so bad here, yet at times we are all too quick to criticise Governments and service providers. I think we could all give more thought to those who are less fortunate than ourselves and recognise just how lucky we are….

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