Don’t be a caveman (or woman) – paper is obsolete

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It’s no secret that paper-based employee training guides and induction material (often used once) is not cost or time efficient. Not to mention the need to update and amend materials at a moment’s notice.
The Australian hospitality industry is known for its high employee turnover. In the five-star hotel environment its not unusual to see turnover as high as 65% to 75%, while in Clubland a turnover of 35% to 50% is more the norm. The cost of running an induction program can be as high as $20,000 annually. It makes more sense than ever to scrutinise our training methodologies to reduce the overhead costs of staff training and inductions. This is especially true if your organisation is multi-site.
It must be said that removing the face-to-face training entirely from our inductions and employee training programs has some pitfalls. Hence it is best to consider a hybrid of face-to-face and online training.
So how can your organisation address the online training solution and bring technology into the mix? One solution is to work with CTA – we make the process less daunting. In fact, we make it super convenient and easy. You will be surprised to find that it is very affordable with a significant saving in your annual training expense. A digital training solution will save your organisation printing, labour and travel costs.
This is how it works
CTA connects the dedicated HR resource to your own venue online portal. Utilising specially development software, we integrate existing paper-based content into a single mobile training solution. The online solution allows employees to view video, information, and digital forms instantly. The HR resource can manage, track and record employee training. To make the process much faster we provide an organisation- branded (best practice) online induction program along with customer service, fire warden, and barista basics training modules for your immediate use. Further customisation of the online induction can be undertaken very simply.
One benefit of providing online training is consistency of service. That is, you can ensure everyone receives the same training protocol and information, which helps people perform equally.
Another positive is that video speaks louder than text. Integrating video achieves greater reach and can assist in retention. It makes the learning of the training material more fun.
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