Exciting Times Ahead for Tin Can Bay

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Corporate Governance at Tin Can Bay Country Club
Paul Downman (President) and Brad Robb (General Manager) pictured with John Dickson

There have been some winners out of COVID particularly amongst regional coastal clubs. 

The country club in the quiet coastal town of Tin Can Bay has had a very good year due to the ever-increasing quality of the club’s facilities and locals staying at home. 

Tourism in the coastal towns of Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay has boomed in the last 18 months.  The sea change has also significantly increased the population in the area. 

The Tin Can Bay Country Club now wants to grab this unique opportunity to upgrade the club’s constitution and corporate governance as well as developing a strategic plan to modernise the club facilities and expand its services. 

The board recently engaged John Dickson and the team from DWS to facilitate these actions and plan their exciting future.   

It’s like the ABC’s for venues!  Interested in looking at the whole kit and kaboodle?  Why not reach out to our team today.     

Visit or call (07) 3878 9355 today!

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