Let’s Talk First Aid

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World First Aid Day is coming up in September and it’s a day to promote the importance of first aid. The 2023 theme is ‘First Aid in the Digital World’.

But first – how is the health of the first aid resources in your workplace? Do you have the following:

  • Trained and competent first aid personnel rostered on every shift?
  • Posters in the workplace to communicate who the first aid personnel are?
  • A system for ensuring training is kept up to date?
  • A fully stocked first aid kit with regular checks and restocking?
  • A defibrillator readily available with regular checks on condition, battery life and pad expiry date?
  • First aid injury register / incident reporting procedures?

Recently, I found a liquid item in a first aid kit that expired in 1998….

Do you have a reliable and trustworthy first aid stock supplier? A client recently discovered that their (now ex) supplier was charging $77 for a box of blue detectable band aids that retail for $18. They also supplied pain medication for the workplace first aid kit, which is illegal.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate to be a first aider – for example, if someone faints at the sight of blood, then they can’t be a first aid officer.

What does the digital world have to do with first aid? There are several valuable online resources to raise awareness of how first aid can save lives, and information on what to do when faced with injuries. There are also apps available, such as iFirstAid, which provide step by step instructions on how to administer first aid for many different injuries. It includes an SOS button to call 000 with your GPS coordinates.

Providing prompt and effective first aid can often be the difference between life and death. Contact Michelle @ DWS for a first aid risk assessment today to ensure you have the appropriate resources and trained personnel for your venue.

CTA Training Specialists provide First Aid and CPR Training Courses, which you can view here:

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