Marketing ideas to help keep your venue active during the lockdown

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Each one of us have been victims to the COVID-19 pandemic one way or another, and with venues taking one of the biggest impacts in this situation, it is necessary to come forward and contribute however possible to obtain a rapid recovery. Here are some useful, free and cost-effective ways to help your venue stay active during this lockdown period.

  1. Join and keep in touch with the community while in lockdown

This app/web address features current specials and activities that pubs across Australia are doing while in lockdown. The app is excellent and probably the most complete of its type, focusing on pubs, bars and local brewers. Join the list of venues here and reach your customers and potential cliental during the shutdown.

  1. Get nominated for ‘Love of your Local’

This fun initiative allows you to be nominated to enter the ‘Love of your local’ program, where people can pre-purchase a pint, Carlton United Brewery then matches the total amount so your customers can redeem this voucher when your pub or club reopens!

  1. Bring your venue to the people; Recipe boxes.

Are your locals a big fan your food? You could offer recipe boxes with the items needed for your customers to cook their favourite dishes on your menu at their home. From the classic ‘Chicken Parmi’ to a gourmet ‘Crispy Skin Duck Confit’.
You can either mail your recipe boxes, send the recipes through email or share the recipes on your social media channels.

  1. Show your support for frontline essential workers

You can offer vouchers or discounts on products to frontline essential workers such as healthcare, emergency workers, teachers, aged care, supermarket employees, etc to redeem when you reopen. Or better yet, upon delivery. have done a similar campaign where you can donate a 4 pack of beer to a frontline essential worker. Forms of eligibility for essential workers include work email address, ID, or other ID supporting documentation.

  1. Talk about sanitization

Show your venue’s coronavirus safety measures—from sanitization to social distancing—is important to show your clients you are taking the correct measures when preparing food or keeping up-to-date with the COVID-19 procedures. This will show transparency and encourage your clients to order from you. The newest Tim Horton’s commercial is a great example of this.
If you have new or innovative sanitation measures, share it on social media for your patrons to see.

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