Personalise Your Venue’s Social Media with Big Data

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From One-Size-Fits-All, to You-Get-Me!

Are you tired of shouting into the social media void? It’s time to ditch the generic posts and get personal. With the wealth of data you collect through member cards, you hold the key to crafting targeted social media experiences that resonate with your audience and drive real results.

Why Personalisation Matters

Imagine a large group of members who love trivia nights but not 60’s tribute bands. Generic promotional social media blasts won’t grab their attention. However, reworking your content to deliver a more personalised message, highlighting the next trivia night with a cool fact related to a fun category, or a special discount for them at the bar if they can answer a trivia question when they order on the night – now that’s a recipe for engagement.

Turning Data into Dollars (or Memberships!)

Here’s how to unlock the power of personalisation:

  • Data Collection: Leverage member cards to gather information on member preferences – meal choices, sporting preferences, major and minor event attendance, entertainment interests, etc.
  • Segmentation: Group members based on shared characteristics. For instance, create segments for families, young professionals, or retirees.
  • Targeted Content: Craft social media posts that speak directly to each segment’s interests. Highlight upcoming events, meal deals, or entertainment options they’ll love.
  • Personalised Communication: Use member names and cater social media messages and promotions to their specific preferences, e.g. we know that our reigning trivia champions, (insert names of members or their chosen trivia group name), will be looking to take home the prize again this week!
  • Advertising Focused: Do you have a Melbourne Cup event coming up? Export your horse race loving members’ email addresses or phone numbers, and upload that list into your Meta Ad Account to directly target them (and people like them) on Facebook and Instagram with dedicated audience advertising to boost your ticket sales!

Beyond Social Media: A Holistic Approach

Personalisation isn’t just for social media. Use your data to tailor the entire member experience:

  • Event Recommendations: Suggest events based on past attendance or bookings through digital check-ins and emails.
  • Email Marketing: Send targeted emails with exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Member Benefits: Design personalised loyalty programs that reward members for activities they enjoy.
  • In venue advertising: If you have a high number of members that love meal deals, then make sure those table toppers are telling them all about it!

The Benefits: A Symphony of Success

The results? A loyal and engaged member base. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Increased Engagement: Personalised content sparks interest and interaction.
  • Improved Member Retention: Members feel valued and connected to your venue.
  • Boosted Revenue: Targeted promotions drive sales and event attendance.
  • Stronger Brand Identity: You build a reputation for understanding your members.

Taking the First Step: Start Personalising Today!

  • Identify data points: What information do you collect through member cards
  • Segment your audience: Break down your members into key groups.
  • Craft targeted content: Develop engaging posts for each segment.
  • Analyse and adapt: Monitor results and refine your strategy for continuous improvement.
  • Privacy Concerns: Always acknowledge the importance of data privacy in your digital policy and procedure documents. Emphasise that member data is used solely to enhance their experience and that they have control over their information.

In today’s digital landscape, generic and organic just won’t cut it. Embrace the power of member data and personalise your social media for a symphony of success. It won’t happen overnight, but if you and your team continue to encourage your members to get online and personalise that experience for them, they will love you for it!

If you want to talk more about your social media, updating your website, crafting digital use policy and procedures, or developing your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with Lauren, our digital marketing specialist, on 0490 332 462 or email Lauren today.

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