Planning for Safety and Wellbeing in 2023

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Happy new year! I’m sure that many of you are in planning mode for strategic and operational improvements and innovations for 2023. Are you including planning for safety and wellbeing?

What could this look like?


  • Improvements to incident and hazard reporting: increase in quality and quantity of reports
  • Using technology to help manage safety (talk to me for more information!)
  • Increasing safety training and awareness of hazards and controls
  • Undertaking a comprehensive risk assessment on all operations, including what you already have in place and determining if better controls are required
  • Changing your existing WHS Committee to a Safety & Wellbeing Committee
  • Undertaking a risk assessment on psychosocial hazards in your workplace – how are you protecting your worker’s mental health? (Reminder – your WHS legal obligations cover physical and psychosocial hazards and harm.)


  • Consider implementing elements from the Wellbeing Framework (email for a copy)
  • Providing relaxing and well-resourced staff room for break times
  • Staff wellbeing surveys
  • Wellbeing programs being organised based on survey results / feedback
  • Ensuring you have a good Employee Assistance Program in place and readily available for you staff
  • Ensuring you have excellent human resource policies, strong performance management and a healthy communication culture embedded in your workplace
  • Encouraging / facilitating volunteering opportunities for staff (either as individuals or a group effort)

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like further information on any of the above. You can contact me on  mobile 0401 014 619 or via email

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