Steve Parker is an experienced gaming and marketing consultant. Steve has enjoyed a successful career in a variety of industries over a number of years, spanning across Australia, Europe and South Africa.

Steve’s background has been in delivering strategic sales and marketing solutions for organisations such as CMP Marketing, Ansett Airlines Australia, Autobar Vending in Europe, Pfizer Chemicals in South Africa and more recently as the General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Aristocrat Technologies Inc.

Steve has further applied his previous experience and knowledge base as the Principal of Parker Management Pty Ltd, a boutique consultancy involved in strategy for small market caps in the gaming space.

As a valued Director of DWS Hospitality Specialists, Steve is currently working on a range of exciting projects for DWS and is available for consultation:

  • Established Parker Management Pty Ltd in 2008 which facilitated high profile industry recruitments, the Ebet distribution agreement and various research and development projects.
  • Appointed General Manager of Marketing in 2002 at Aristocrat Technologies Inc
  • Progressed to Group General Manager of Sales and Marketing in 2004 with the added responsibility for Europe, South Africa, and Aristocrat’s Global Systems Business
  • In 2006 Steve added the R&D and Innovation to his portfolio
  • Founded and operated a successful marketing consultancy firm, CMP Marketing from 1985 to 2002
  • Held a senior marketing role with Ansett Airlines Australia to establish their highly successful Golden Wings concept
To find out how your venue can benefit from Steve’s marketing, gaming  and operational expertise please call (07) 3878 9355 or email
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