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DWS is commissioned regularly by The Waves Sports Club in Bundaberg to undertake two-day strategic planning sessions. DWS was commissioned in 2006/8/9/11 and in 2012 to engage with the board of directors in re-affirming the long-term vision of the club and setting out the short-term strategy for the business. DWS undertook significant preparation for the session and the scope of works included:

  • Review of corporate governance procedures at the club, in particular a review of the constitution to ensure best practice.
  • Web-based survey of members to inform current perceptions of the business.
  • Population and demographic review of the local catchment area.
  • Gaming machine market assessment including three years of historic data, supply trends and projections of the future size of the gaming market.
  • Financial review incorporating a benchmark analysis, cash flow analysis and debt capacity assessment to assist with scope of prospective project.
  • Diversification research exploring complimentary investment.

During the two-day workshop, DWS acted in a facilitation role, guiding the board of directors to discuss, debate and evaluate the key areas of the business, while setting the direction of the business on a long, medium and short-term basis.

Following facilitation of the two-day workshop, DWS produced a formal strategic planning document that captured all of the prioritised list of goals and associated actions including responsibility and timeframes.

At The Waves Sports Club, we engage in strategic planning sessions every two years and have always utilised DWS as their methodology and expertise in the hospitality sector allows them to act in more of a capacity than just a facilitation role. Their guidance with setting realistic goals has assisted us to grow into a successful business. Brendan Royall, General Manager, The Waves Sports Club, Bundaberg.

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