Hospitality & Tourism Workforce Survey

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DWS Hospitality Services and CTA Hospitality Training are proud to be assisting Associate Professor Richard Robinson, from Queensland University, on a project funded by the Queensland government to gather information on the tourism workforce through an industry wide survey.

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council and The University of Queensland are partnering to develop a Tourism Workforce Crisis Resilience and Recovery Plan. This project is funded by the Queensland Government. After completing a series of 15 Workforce Resilience Workshops around Queensland, the next critical step is getting feedback via a large survey, which is where you come in.

The survey is focused on understanding the individual, organisational and policy aspects of workforce resilience. The survey can be accessed here and it will only take you around 17 minutes to complete. 

Getting a large and diverse response rate from people who work/have worked in the club industry, as well as the broader tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors, anywhere in Australia, is vital to informing the Plan.

So please, join us in supporting this great initiative and fill out the Tourism Workforce Survey Today.

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