Upcoming Holiday Season Trading Hours and Key Information

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It is again fast approaching that time of the year where we have modified licensed trading hours we must consider applying to Good Friday and ANZAC day.

Easter will soon be upon us and we must all be mindful of the restrictions placed on licensed premises for the Good Friday period of Easter weekend.

Click here to see the requirements for licensed trading (both liquor and gaming) from the OLGR website – Remember, make it simple for yourself and if you intend to trade on Good Friday, perhaps consider providing meal packages which have a liquor component (please be mindful of any liquor advertising restrictions and also consider Guideline 12) and or, have meal payments made in advance to ensure best intent of the patrons to partake of a meal (which allows them to be supplied with liquor).

This year Easter is closely followed by that special day, where we take time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.
ANZAC day is a special time of remembrance for Australia and New Zealand and it is a time when our nations come together and are united with that common sense of pride.

To this end we all want to be able to enjoy this important day without being concerned with inadvertently breaching the laws that we, in the hospitality industry, must comply with. In working to achieve this outcome please familiarise yourself with the licensed premises trading restrictions imposed on ANZAC day.

Also, if you are not an RSL, please ensure you have the requisite approvals to host genuine ANZAC day services and ‘two up’ events. Find out more about these requirements here

Also, be honest with yourself and remember that some people will over indulge on this day. However, it is incumbent on us to ensure that we do all that we can to minimise any potential harm may be caused to themselves and / or others, and also ensure that we are trading in compliance with the legislation.

I don’t need to remind you that it is an offence to supply liquor to unduly intoxicated and or disorderly patrons and managing these issues can be even more difficult than usual on a day that for some is a very emotional time.

Please ensure your staff are aware of the procedures that they should be using to manage potential issues with patrons (‘cut off’ and eviction) and that as managers you support your staff to do the right thing for everyone.

Ensure your staff are familiar with the venue RAMP and that you have Harm Minimisation Plans prepared and ‘issued’ for any liquor promotions that you may provide on this special day.

Remember to have some simple mitigation strategies in place.  Have low alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages available during any promotions and perhaps even provide free ‘nibbles’, particularly as the consumption can begin well before the usual breakfast time and go on for a considerable length of time.

As you are well aware, good planning makes the day much easier to manage and provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the occasion safely.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding special days liquor licenses or trading hours, get in touch with Clear Henderson on 0405 702 962 or email her at

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