Vaccination Is Good For Business

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I got my first COVID jab on Monday, no problems, didn’t feel a thing, and had absolutely no reaction. However, as I was waiting my mandatory 15 minutes until I was allowed to leave, I got to thinking about what an opportunity this could be for the greater hospitality industry; and how we could all take advantage of this situation by turning it into an opportunity for venues, staff and the greater community.

Every time there’s a lockdown it’s always the hospitality industry that suffers the most, for the simple fact that it provides an environment for potential rapid spread of COVID. To this end, one could deduce that it would be in the best interest of the hospitality industry to ensure they take the lead position in promoting vaccination, both for the community and for their own staff.

Being able to promote your venue as a 100% vaccinated team that follows strict COVID safe plans to ensure the safety of the community and the team, could potentially be a positive marketing opportunity. I am not trying to ignite a “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” argument with my musings, I just find it interesting to observe all the media machinations around vaccination, irrespective of one’s opinion. Let me explain…

What is becoming very clear is that businesses around the world are starting to recognise not only the safety and community responsibility of vaccination, but the marketing opportunity in being able to promote themselves as a company that is 100% vaccinated. In order to protect their company, brand, staff, including family members, and then from a purely business perspective, customers; I believe it will fast become a business governance responsibility and a duty of care to be 100% vaccinated.

100% company vaccination is becoming a fast-emerging trend.

It was announced on the news recently that SPC cannery in Shepparton is requiring all staff to be vaccinated, so they can guarantee to their customers that a tin of SPC fruit is COVID free when it leaves the factory. This market leading tactic could easily sway today’s nervous shoppers to focus their attention on the “vaccinated companies”, over and above others who cannot say the same.

Airlines are also going down the same track, and it was recently announced that Google, Microsoft, and Amazon (3 of the biggest companies and thought leaders in the world) will all be requiring 100% staff and contractor vaccinations, so they too can promote being 100% vaccinated organisations.

The community club industry in Queensland alone, employs over 22,000 staff and provides a place for nearly 2.4 million club members from the community to come together and connect with each other. The amount of contact amongst sporting communities aligned with community clubs would also be in the millions, then multiply that to include their families? The potential reach of the community club industry in Queensland is a little bit mind blowing.

The club industry, along with other hospitality and entertainment industries, are bearing the brunt of the economic costs associated with lockdowns and strict restrictions. It’s clear from all the research that we will only reduce shutdowns once we have significant levels of community vaccination, so who better to be on the front foot promoting universal vaccination than the hospitality and club industry?

We work in a largely community centric club industry with a strong community commitment, can we back up our community commitment, the responsibility to our families, our workmates and all of our clients by being a 100% vaccinated industry?

Could we promote ourselves as an industry with 100% vaccinated staff to demonstrate our mission, vision and values? And what outcome would this collective vaccination have on our ability to stay open as a fully vaccinated industry during future lockdowns? Definitely food for thought!

The reality is, 100% vaccinated businesses will become the community and government expectation, so why not act now, and become the leaders for a healthier, happier, and safer community to live, work and play in.

Stay safe.

John Dickson | | 0417 721 942

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