What Can a 360-Degree Review do for You, Your Crew and Your Venue?

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A talented and skilled workforce is the lifeblood of every venue. As the war for talent escalates, the importance of having the right people and supporting their growth has never been more important.
Strong performance management rests on the simple principle that “what gets measured gets done.” In an ideal system, a venue creates a cascade of metrics and targets, from its top-level strategic objectives down to the daily activities of its frontline employees.
Yet in too many venues, the performance-management system is slow, wobbly, or downright broken. At best, these organisations aren’t operating as efficiently or effectively as they could. At worst, changes in technologies, markets, or competitive environments can leave them unable to respond.
In order to build an empowered and skilled workforce, venues need do more than just static staff appraisals, they need to work towards a management cycle where judgement isn’t the sole focus— ongoing support and improvement should be just as important, if not more.
Unlike the annual appraisal, 360-degree review should be given on an ongoing basis to address performance factors as they’re happening instead of months down the road. This gives employees the opportunity to receive specific, actionable feedback on what they could improve as well as praise for what they’re doing consistently well.
How it works
The 360 Degree Review is a feedback-based process whereby employees receive anonymous feedback from those they work with, including both management and peers. All employees involved in the review process will complete a feedback form which covers a number of workplace competencies.
The form consists of questions which are measured on a rating scale, also allowing the raters to provide written comments. The employee also provides feedback on themselves, thus giving them feedback from every angle – which is where we get the term 360 Degree Review.
When done properly, a 360 Degree Review is extremely effective as a development tool for your staff. The process of giving anonymous feedback allows your staff to provide honest feedback to their colleagues, which they would not have the ability to deliver under normal circumstances.
This type of feedback also allows recipients to gain insights that may not otherwise have been gained, giving them a unique opportunity to see how others in their team view them. This information allows them to adjust behaviours and enhance skills in order to excel at their jobs, ultimately allowing your venue to reap the rewards.
However, this style of appraisal shouldn’t end once it is delivered. Managers should use this review as an opportunity to take an integrated approach to employee learning. This means creating development plans that support an employee’s goals, career interests, and potential, as well as the venues business and talent needs. Evaluation is only effective when used as a tool for growth and success.
You must grow your employees before you can see substantive change within your venue. The foundation of 360-degree feedback is to effect personal change that spurs professional change.
In the end, what your customers will remember and evidently what will keep them coming back time and time again, is the quality of your staff and how they make them feel during their time in your venue.
360 Degree Review can give you the insight that you need in order to create a comprehensive development plan for your staff. Click here for more information or contact us on (07) 3878 9355 to find out how DWS can help you renovate your team today.

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