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Do you regularly look at your club demographics and ensure you are catering to your most valuable members?

Female members can make up some of the most valuable members of your club.  They play a large part in the decision making for a family’s income and are no longer bound by society to stay at home with kids.  They are out and about and looking for a great destination to meet up with family and friends. If you look at most clubs today you will see how they have evolved for this emerging demographic.  Coffee is served in bright and contemporary cafes and no longer over the bar, children’s play spaces are larger and more engaging to cater for longer visit times, and diverse dining options show clubs as a family friendly destination.

So how do you ensure your club is hitting the mark when it comes being top of mind for these valuable members?  Here are few things you can consider:

Food & Beverage
Offering a menu that caters to the whole family; this does not mean including countless menu options.  Keeping the menu fresh, high quality and seasonal will entice mums and families that want a night out or night off from cooking whilst still providing healthy options. 

Cafes not only create an alternative to a bistro or dining area with light meals and desserts, but they also create a nice meeting space for all age groups.  Great for catching up with a friend for a good coffee and slice of cake.  Clubs can also make themselves a destination for this audience by offering a decent kid’s play space, so the parents can enjoy a break.

Marketing & Communication
When looking at marketing to female members it is easy to forget that you will be communicating with a diverse age group.  Younger to middle age members may be well versed in social media and email, but you could potentially be missing out on connecting with your valuable over 50 female members, who will make up a large part of your gaming membership.

Data is Queen when it comes to looking at the habits of your most valuable members; clubs today have access to a wealth of knowledge in their member database. Visiting times, meal and drink purchases and gaming preferences can allow you to build strong profiles on these members and ensure you are on point with your promotions and offers.

With COVID restrictions easing, those who removed their physical Club magazine or Newsletter may consider bringing these back.  This will appeal to your older demographic who may not use the digital space as often and provide another strong communication channel for your promotions and offers to this member group. 

Focus groups and member surveys are also a good way to connect and find out what they want from the club to ensure increased visits.  This can also be a way to determine if your marketing strategy is having and impact with your most valuable members.

Lastly, one of the best marketing and communication strategies you can deliver is training your staff to talk to these members and have meaningful interactions.  When there is a welcoming and emotional connection with your most valuable members your club will be top of mind and they are more likely to come back time and time again.

If you would like assistance in looking at your club’s offering to cater to a more diverse member base, please feel free to contact me on 0407 464 303 or email at

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