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This article is all about you. Nothing like the COVID-19 situation has happened in our lifetimes. It’s weird. It’s uncomfortable. It hurts. It’s OK to feel angry and out of control. But it is not healthy to stay in anger and fear for prolonged periods of time, for your physical and mental health.
I’ve included a great graphic that explains three different zones of mindset and behaviour. Which zone are you in?

So, how to get out of the fear zone? If you have attended my training sessions, you may remember me speaking about Above the Line. Above the Line is a great concept about taking responsibility for your own actions, behaviours and language, being a victor and holding yourself accountable. Below the line is very much about victim mentality, using blame and excuses to deflect responsibility and justifying poor behaviour. Recognising when you are below the line can be a very powerful kick up the backside and a great opportunity to examine why you are playing the victim.

Accepting what we can and can’t do during lockdown is ABOVE the line behaviour. We ARE all in this together, and it’s being proven that the tough restrictions placed on us are having a beneficial drop in new COVID-19 cases and deaths across the country. What we need to do is have that deliberate mindset shift – we are SAFE at home.

How to use this downtime productively? Online courses and training are a great way to keep engaged and get new skills. Keep in contact with the team. Start planning for your re-opening and review your strategic plan for the successful future of your venue.
Don’t forget to keep active and healthy. Get out for a walk around the neighbourhood. If you have stairs at home, set up a stair challenge. Research new nutritious recipes and cook up a storm! is a great (free) mental health source – please check out their information and resources and share with your team.
Be gentle with yourself, be kind to others and keep an eye to the future. We are all in this together, and together we will be stronger.

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