From John Dickson’s desk #124; Out of adversity comes opportunity

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Over the last seven weeks I’ve spoken to over 100 club and hotel managers in Queensland introducing our Brainwaves training opportunity which some of you will be aware of and during these catch ups. I’ve gained an insight into how many of our clubs are innovating in this time of challenge, exemplifying the saying that from “adversity comes opportunity”

Some clubs have developed a whole new website to reflect what services they currently provide, what Damien Massingham has done for the website at Frenchville Sports Club in Rockhampton is one of the best examples I have seen. So many clubs have found a new business opportunity with takeaway and Uber eats as well as alcohol deliveries, Bernard Gillic at the Irish club in Mount Isa has developed a significant business opportunity in providing ready-made takeaway meals to the many workers in Mount Isa.

A lot of over clubs are creating competitions and games on their websites or in social media to connect and engage their members Tim Wright from Greenbank developed an online Bingo website and Doug Wakefield from Carina Leagues Club developed a competition online, both these programs have been very successful in connecting with members.

Many clubs have also taken an opportunity to spring clean the venues. One of the staff members at City Golf mentioned to me the other day she can’t quite believe she got out of doing the cleaning at home only to be doing the cleaning the club. With that said the benefit of cleaning at the club was catching up with and socialising with work colleagues. Another club mentioned to me that they had so many staff and volunteers when they wanted to do some painting at the club they were struggling to find work for them all, doing up the gardening around the club has been another popular project.

Many other clubs have taken the opportunity to provide training to their staff whether it be Customer Service, Work Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and upgrading their RSA, CLO or RMLV. 54 clubs and hotels have also taken up the Brainwave training opportunity that CTA has put together and is mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter.

If your club has some new innovative ideas you’ve introduced or activities, you have implemented let me know and I can promote them. We need to identify the small positive initiatives that are happening in our industry. Look forward to communicating with you all again soon stay, safe regards John Dickson.

John Dickson is the founder and chairman of DWS and CTA and can be contacted at

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