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Introducing a ‘novel’ addition to the DWS gaming newsletter – Monthly Management Book Reviews. Surprisingly, amidst the rapid pace of the digital and social media landscape, the sales of business books are experiencing a global upswing. Perhaps individuals are finding solace in reading as a more immersive and focused alternative, as opposed to being constantly tethered to their iPad, iPhone, or laptop? A potentially distracting environment when attempting to comprehend and internalize novel concepts and ideas.

A recent release, prominently featured on the ABC breakfast program, is authored by Dr. Amantha Imber and titled “The Health Habits.” Garnering enthusiastic reviews, this book, though in its initial stages of my exploration, introduces innovative perspectives on time-honored concepts, delving into what psychologists term “Incentivizing Changing Habits.”

Dr. Amantha Imber, renowned organizational psychologist, host of the “How I Work” podcast, and author of “Time Wise,” boasts an impressive portfolio of collaborations with industry giants such as Google, Apple, Disney, and Lego.

As we embark on the new year, searching for resolutions, the idea of transforming detrimental habits into positive ones seems like a fitting way to commence. Becca Whitehead, a features and content writer based in Melbourne, has thoughtfully reviewed Dr. Imber’s latest work, stating:

“The Health Habit is chock-full of life hacks to eat better, move better, sleep better, and much more. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this book. I had so much fun implementing Dr. Imber’s tips into my own life. They are straightforward, practical, and they really work.”

If you’ve had the opportunity to delve into the book, I would appreciate hearing your insights. Additionally, if you have recommendations for other literature that you believe would be valuable for managers in our industry, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly via email.

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