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I wrote an article a few years ago predicting the Clubs of 2022 and the Future of Gaming.

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This year I am proud to say that DWS Hospitality Services have been delivering solutions to Clubs, Hotels and Businesses for 28 years!  As I look back on the past 28 years, it has been an interesting journey.  The business and I could not have made it to where it is today without the support of the many talented staff that have come through our doors, as well as countless venues we have worked with along the way.  As we see the changing of the guard when it comes to a new generation of managers and leaders, I foresee a prosperous future for our industry. 

I wrote an article a few years ago predicting the Clubs of 2022 and the Future of Gaming.  In this article I spoke of how clubs would progress over the coming years and what the landscape would look like for clubs in the future; READ  IT HERE

Some points that have come to fruition from my predictions include:

Separate Café’ and Bar – Providing your members a separate area to purchase coffees instead of at the bar and training your staff to provide great not average coffee.”  As you know many clubs now pride themselves on their café’ areas which have a fresh outlook, provide separate light dining to their main bistro and hire well-trained baristas.

Food Offering – Improving menus by employing a shorter menu with fixed items, complementing this with a floating list of items that are seasonal. Improving quality and consistency by bringing less reliance on frozen ingredients and improving quality and consistency.”  Today’s members have a more progressive palate and clubs have stepped up their game when it comes to food; offering multiple dining options, spending time on developing more appropriate menus and hiring outstanding chefs and staff to deliver.

I have also been impressed by some other areas which have evolved over the past few years.

Smarter well managed clubs have been able to increase their community involvement.  Yes, sporting teams are usually at the forefront of community club support, but there has been an extension to other well needing groups such as youth mental health, family and education support services.  The more successful these clubs are, the higher the community benefits.

Better business management is at the forefront of clubs in 2021.  Ever-increasing educated management teams, boards and committees with a strong understanding of their governance responsibility, ensures a prosperous future for clubs and allows for significant developments in our industry.

DWS is ready for 2021 and beyond with a strong and diverse team offering an expansive suite of services to support all areas of your venue or business from governance and strategic planning to catering and finance, just to mention a few.  For any consulting needs, please feel free to contact myself or the DWS Team.

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