Cyber Safety and Protecting Your Venue

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This is not my usual safety topic, but it is very important for all venues to protect themselves from cyber attacks. The Federal Government have released resources to guide you in testing and strengthening your cyber security. A summary is below:


  • Set automatic updates for your anti-virus and cyber security software
  • Regularly back up data to a secured cloud location
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication and user access controls for systems


  • Staff and management handling data, finances and systems must be trained to ensure they understand their responsibilities in keeping your systems secure.
  • This may include phoning a supplier directly if you have received an email with information that they have changed bank details. The email may be a spoof email designed to redirect your invoice payment to another bank account, and I know of several instances where this has happened.
  •  Links in emails should only be clicked if you know and trust the sender.


  • Don’t set and forget! Keep software and systems updated.
  • Check that your backup data is able to be retrieved easily.

Emergency response

  • Act immediately. Contact your IT provider, banks (where money is involved), police.
    • The website has a number of emergency response guides available for email attacks and ransomware.

• The Australian Cyber Security Centre has a 24/7 Hotline: 1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371).
• Link: Educational pack for small businesses |

About the Author

A highly qualified advisor, Michelle brings with her 20+ years of experience in safety and compliance. With experience spanning multiple industries including hospitality, construction, mining, environmental services, large municipalities and amusement centres, Michelle brings fresh ideas and a breadth of knowledge to her role as DWS’ Work Health, Safety and Compliance Advisor.

If you have any questions about WH&S or compliance questions, please get in touch with Michelle Bates.

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