Staying the Course | $1.5 Million Irrigation Investment

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The fairways at Tin Can Bay Country Club need to be seen to be believed…they look just like green carpet! 

A small community club in Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay Country Club has been providing a diverse range of facilities for members of the community to enjoy since 1966; such as bowls, golf and social amenities for the fishing, tourist and retirement community of Tin Can Bay.

The club has recently invested $1.5 million to install the latest irrigation technology, on par with some of the best courses in Australia. Following a 20 year agreement for water supply, consultants Water Wise and Melbourne based experts D & A Irrigation have been contracted to execute the project. With such a significant development to the club’s facilities, Tin Can Bay has set themselves apart from their competitors with their first class course facilities, as many other courses struggle to source water and raise sufficient funds to upgrade their irrigation systems. 

From left to right:

DWS Chairman, John Dickson, Paul Downman (President, Tin Can Bay) and Brad Robb (Club GM, Tin Can Bay)

Since Tin Can Bay Country Club engaged DWS to host their strategic planning workshop over 5 years ago, the club has continued to grow and prosper across various aspects of their club’s operations.  One of the initiatives outlined from the strategic plan was to engage DWS with updating the club’s constitution, to modernise the document and open the door for future commercial opportunities. This approach has enabled the club’s Board of Directors to progressively plan and invest for the club’s future. Brad Robb, General Manager of Tin Can Bay Country Club, believes his lack of interest in playing golf has been an enormous benefit to his club; allowing him to focus on the club’s commercial success and member services across the various sporting interest groups. 

In addition to Tin Can Bay’s $1.5 million course development, the club’s commercial approach has been exemplified with the following investments over the last few months:

  • Purchasing 16 new club golf carts which the club collects hire fees for
  • $60,000 to upgrade club furnishings
  • $50,000 invested on a Kubota tractor to assist with course maintenance and upkeep

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