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Do you know how much your members earn annually? Are you aware of the population shift in your area? Are there more families, single people or couples without kids in and around your venue?

Asking critical questions, like the ones above, could be the potential catalyst you need to make informed decisions on the immediate future of your business … and right now is the perfect time to discover the answers.

With the release of the latest Census data on June 27, there is a unique and timely opportunity for every business in Queensland to review and compare their client and member data, to that of the Census results. By understanding the information in the Census, as it pertains to your membership base, you could unlock future potential for your business.

For example, Do you know if your local catchment area is growing?

In Queensland, the 2016 Census shows that North Lakes – Mango Hill has had the most population increase with 10,724 new residents from 2011 to 2016. However, the area with the highest growth rate is Pimpama, which has almost tripled from 2011 (3,210) to 2016 (9,166), at 23.3% average annual growth rate (AAGR). The two tables below show the top 5 statistical areas level 2 (SA2s) that have the highest population increase and average annual growth.

For some services in your venue, only the adult population (18+) is relevant. So, how does the top 5 areas look in terms of adult population only?

For number of population increases and average annual growth, North Lakes – Mango Hill and Pimpama still tops the areas respectively. However, Murrumba Downs – Griffin sneaks up as the fifth area with the greatest increase in adult population. The two tables below show the top 5 areas with the highest increase in adult population and adult population average annual growth.

So how did your Club grow in your area? Did you capture any of this growth in your membership database? If so, is it just organic growth or have you exceeded the growth? Is it the millennials, families, the golden oldies, some of them or all of them that you have captured? These answers will have implications on all elements of your venue, including strategic decisions, development opportunities, marketing and even service.

How familiar are you with the family structure in your local catchment area?

Of all household types, couple family households with children has remained the highest proportion in Queensland at 26% in 2016. However, there is a noticeable decline from 44% in 2011. Meanwhile, lone person household proportions has increased 11% from 9% in 2011 to 20% in 2016. This suggests that, since 2011, family with children have matured and their children are no longer living at home, while less couples and people are having children. The two tables below highlight this further:

In fact, in the top 5 suburbs with lone person households, the proportion of lone person households has overtaken couple with children households to become the dominant household type in the area.

Has your venue noticed these changes over the years? Is your area now dominated by lone person households or is it still dominated by couple with children households? Again, these answers will allow you to provide better tailored services, marketing and even human resources decision making.

So what does this all mean for you?

This industry is lucky enough to have an extensive database of members and intimate relationship with the community. As a result, it is possible, using the data gained from the community and members and the 2016 Census, to identify opportunities to better the venue.

If you are looking for information on your local catchment area, why not begin with the new 2016 Census data, a comprehensive review of your membership and contact us. At DWS, the team is currently reviewing the results of the Qld Census data to discover the gems that are relevant to the industry.

Call us today on 07 3878 9355 and let us help you compare your data, make good decisions and shape the immediate future of your business success in line with how your clients, members and local residents are living!


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