Digital Innovation at DWS Consulting: Meet Nishant Raj

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Meet Nishant Raj, the newest member of our DWS Consulting team, bringing a fresh perspective and wealth of experience to both ours and our clients’ digital experience.

Nish’s passion for digital marketing and e-commerce stems from a career marked by diverse experiences, including roles in various industries and agencies. His ability to drive digital transformations and connect businesses with their customers has been a hallmark of his journey. 

Nish excels in crafting dynamic, consumer centric websites and implementing effective PPC and SEO tactics to amplify brand presence.

When he’s not immersed in the digital realm, Nish enjoys exploring new destinations, perfecting his golf swing, and indulging his love for Turkish cuisine. His passion for life and commitment to excellence extend beyond the office.

In his role as a E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager for both CTA Training & DWS Hospitality Specialists, Nish focuses on staying ahead of the curve, blending research, data analysis, and project implementation to deliver impactful solutions for clients. He believes that a robust digital presence is essential for businesses, especially in the hospitality sector, where it serves as the bridge between brands and customers.

Joining CTA and DWS has provided Nish with the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of professionals:

We have a great team at CTA and DWS. There is a good mix of legacy employees who understand the business and the market, and new employees who have a fresh perspective on what the industry could be. CTA & DWS is where these two perspectives come together to create some real magic,” he says.

Nish emphasises the importance of digital marketing for hospitality businesses, noting that it’s what keeps them top of mind:

“Connections are built through personal/physical interactions but are maintained through digital marketing. For hospitality businesses, digital marketing is why your customers think of you the next time they want to go out for a good time, the next time they want to take someone out on a date or want to go celebrate with their family,” he adds.

He sees Australia’s digital future as one of seamless integration and transformative potential, where businesses can embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

With Nish leading our digital marketing efforts, DWS Consulting is poised for success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. His vision, expertise, and dedication are set to elevate our digital presence and drive growth for our clients.

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