Renovation Reveal: The Latest Developments in Queensland’s Club Industry

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Queensland’s club sector is undergoing a remarkable transformation, with several prominent venues embarking on ambitious renovation projects aimed at enhancing member experiences and attracting new demographics. From innovative design concepts to sustainable initiatives, these renovations are reshaping the landscape of Queensland’s hospitality scene.

Frenchville Sports Club

Frenchville Sports Club is set to redefine hospitality with its ambitious renovation project, slated to commence this month. Spearheaded by the renowned Ashley Cooper Constructions, the project aims to create a modern and vibrant space that caters to the evolving needs of members and the community. Featuring a new entrance from Ryan Park and a seamless integration of sports facilities, the renovation will introduce a host of exciting additions, including a café, refurbished bistro, and dedicated spaces for children. The highlight of the transformation is the Dusk Lounge, poised to become the epicenter of entertainment, complemented by the Duo Cocktail and Sports Bar. Noteworthy is the Club’s commitment to sustainability, with the introduction of Queensland’s largest solar-covered car park, aligning with efforts to reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental stewardship. With active engagement of local subcontractors, the project promises to inject significant economic benefits into the region, setting a new standard for hospitality excellence.

More images available on Frenchville Sports Club’s website

Concept video courtesy of Frenchville Sports Club

Images supplied by Geebung RSL

The Cove at Geebung RSL: A Modern Oasis

Geebung RSL has unveiled The Cove, a modern oasis born out of a comprehensive renovation program spanning six months. Collaborating with BSPN Architecture and Ashley Cooper Construction, the Club has transformed its space into a contemporary offering that caters to diverse preferences. Featuring the HUB Sports Lounge and The Cove Kitchen & Bar, the venue aims to appeal to a broader demographic while retaining its traditional charm on the upper level. Initial feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with the coffee and community-focused ambience receiving high praise. The Cove Kitchen & Bar promises a versatile experience, from freshly brewed barista coffee to casual share plates and a curated selection of beverages. With a dedicated kids’ nook and sensory-based activities, The Cove fosters a sense of inclusivity and community engagement, making it a standout destination in the Geebung area.

President of Geebung RSL, Harry Boxsell, commented “The Board and management of Geebung RSL are looking forward to attracting new members to the club, including families and a younger demographic. I am particularly excited about The Cove and benefits it will provide the local Geebung residents and business community”. 

“The addition of the Cove & the HUB Sports Lounge will ensure that Geebung RSL can continue to grow its level of patronage and revenues into the future, by appealing to a ‘new club member’ ,” CEO Greg Hurley reported. “An individual, a group of friends or family who normally would not visit an RSL or community club will ideally now see Geebung RSL as a genuine option for them to dine and socialise at due to the increased modern and appealing options on offer. While at the same time it is critically important that the club continues to support our traditional club member and demographic with the traditional club experience on the upper level of the club which includes dining, bars, gaming, and entertainment facilities”.

Vicky Point Sharks: Refreshing the Club Experience

Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club in collaboration with Ashley Cooper Construction and BSPN Architecture, has undergone a jaw dropping transformation aimed at revitalizing its gaming room and main bar. The Club sought to modernize its facilities while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. With a focus on improving flow and enhancing the overall aesthetic, the renovation offers members a contemporary experience that resonates with their preferences. When asked what the best thing about this project was, Aleks Mathewson from Ashley Cooper Construction said: “Collaborating with both the venue and the team from BSPN Architecture made the experience seamless. It was great to work together with the Club to help make the vision for the Vicky Point Sharks team a reality.” 

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