How Does Your Club’s Marketing Efforts Stack Up Against the Casino?

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Understanding the intricacies of Casino operations can be challenging, yet through thorough research, insights can be gained.

Recently, I delved into their marketing resources, led by seasoned marketing experts with a number of dedicated marketing specific departments. Some of these include dedicated teams to Casino targeted marketing, Bars & Entertainment, Performance and Activations…just to name a few!

It’s evident that the Casino has been strategically preparing for its opening for some years now. With the shifting dynamics in Australian Casino operations, particularly with reduced Chinese tourism and the decline of traditional high roller visits, there’s a notable shift towards targeting the domestic market. To meet revenue expectations, the focus is on attracting patrons from Queensland’s hospitality venues…such as our Clubs, Pubs and Hotels. 

Reflecting upon the evolution of Casino marketing strategies over the years, it’s expected that significant promotional efforts are likely to ramp up closer to The Star Brisbane’s official opening, although the exact date still remains uncertain.

Central to their approach is the Customer Loyalty Program, aimed at cultivating a base of loyal patrons. Star Casino, for instance, offers enticing rewards like dining discounts, complimentary hotel stays, and both offsite and onsite entertainment and events tickets to frequent visitors.

Moreover, targeted promotions cater to diverse segments of their clientele, ranging from high rollers to local residents, with themed events tailored to specific demographics. This strategy mirrors the sophisticated marketing approaches adopted by leading Clubs, leveraging data analytics to tailor offerings effectively. Notably, Casinos have excelled in database management, a practice that some Clubs are yet to fully embrace.

In the realm of digital marketing, Treasury Brisbane and the Star Casino stand out for their robust presence across various channels, including social media, email campaigns, print and online advertising.

 Investments in search engine optimisation ensure prominent visibility in search results—a tactic underutilised by many Clubs.

Treasury Brisbane often host a range of events catered to their diverse target market, such as seasonal wine tasting evenings, paint and sip events and  themed High Tea’s. 

Strategic partnerships, such as the ongoing partnership with the Broncos NRL team, bolster the Casino’s brand recognition. While Clubs often contribute significant sponsorships to community organisations, there’s room for improvement in leveraging these partnerships to enhance brand visibility.

With the impending opening, the new Casino is poised to set higher standards for gaming venues in Queensland, particularly in terms of facility quality and customer service. This focus on enhancing service standards comes at a crucial time, as the industry still grapples with the aftermath of COVID-19.

In response to the competitive landscape, progressive Clubs across Queensland are investing heavily in facility upgrades, expanded amenities, and customer service training. You can read about some of the planned and completed renovations within the Queensland Club sector that DWS recently shared with readers in of some of our recent blogs here. 

However, smaller venues face the risk of losing market share not only to the Casino but also to local Clubs investing in their own enhancements.

To stay competitive, Clubs can explore various strategies, including conducting strategic planning workshops tailored to enhancing competitiveness in the marketplace, a move already embraced by some forward-thinking Clubs.

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