Unveiling the Magic: The Transformative Power of a Memorable Sense of Arrival

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Image Credit: The Lion Richlands, Instagram Page

In our ongoing efforts to substantially enhance the quality and facilities of Clubs and hotels, it is unfortunate that we often overlook the significance and impact of a sense of arrival and street presence. It’s akin to renovating an old house without making any improvements in the kitchen.

During a recent visit to The Lion Richlands, I was reminded of the rarity of Clubs that truly provide a sense of arriving somewhere special. This aspect significantly elevates interest and excitement levels. In my opinion, The Lion Richlands currently boasts one of the most impressive feelings when it comes to a customer’s sense of arrival in Queensland. Could this be a contributing factor to the Club’s status as one of the state’s most successful venues?

Regrettably, many Clubs lack street appeal, resembling factories with poorly maintained gardens, excessive signage, inadequate lighting, and an overall lacklustre sense of arrival.

One of my personal grievances is the tendency to overcrowd reception areas, resulting in confusion that reminds us of a disorganised teenager’s bedroom. Perhaps we should take inspiration from properties that invest considerable resources into researching the sense of arrival? Such as five-star hotels.

The psychological impact of a special sense of arrival at a Club or pub can be profound and multifaceted. Here’s how it can influence members and guests:

View from The Belmond La Samanna’s hotel lobby in St. Martin

The Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino’s Entrance

First Impressions: The initial moments upon arrival set the tone for the entire guest experience. A warm welcome, attention to detail, and a sense of anticipation can create a positive first impression that shapes the perception of the entire stay.

Street Appeal: Our street presence is one of the most potent marketing tools. Do we resemble a venue that elicits a “wow” from passers by, enticing them to visit again or for the first time?

Sense of Belonging: A special arrival experience can foster a sense of belonging, providing guests with comfort and security. This feeling is essential for building rapport and trust between guests and the Club or pub.

Emotional Connection: A memorable arrival experience can evoke positive emotions such as excitement, joy, or relaxation, contributing to overall satisfaction and potentially leading to lasting memories and positive recommendations.

Perceived Value: Guests often equate the quality of the arrival experience with the overall value of their stay. A thoughtful and personalised welcome can enhance the perceived value of the hospitality establishment, making guests feel they are receiving a premium experience.

Anticipation: A special arrival experience can generate anticipation for the visit, enhancing enjoyment and engagement with the amenities and services offered.

The Corinthia Hotel lobby in London

Key components to consider in creating a memorable sense of arrival include:

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Exterior Appearance: The architectural design should be visually striking, inviting, and reflective of the brand’s identity. This encompasses landscaping, signage, lighting, and cleanliness.

Entrance Design: The entrance should be welcoming and easy to navigate, guiding guests smoothly into the property.

Ambiance and Atmosphere: Pay attention to elements such as shrubbery, lighting, music, scent, and decor to create an inviting and aligned atmosphere.

Information and Orientation: Provide clear information about facilities, amenities, and services upon arrival through maps, brochures, and staff assistance.

Attention to Detail: Small details like fresh flowers, ambient lighting, and comfortable seating areas can enhance the guest experience.

Staff Engagement: Train staff to be attentive, approachable, and responsive to guest needs, fostering genuine hospitality.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Gather feedback from guests to refine the arrival process continuously.

By prioritising these elements, Clubs and hotels can create a sense of arrival that leaves a lasting positive impression on guests and cultivates a desire to return. 

Want to share your thoughts on what contributes to a positive (or negative) sense of arrival in your venue? Reach out to me via email to share your thoughts, and if your venue has any exciting developments upcoming! 

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