The 8 biggest compliance bum biters for pubs and clubs – and how to prevent the bite!

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Hospitality venues have many and varied compliance requirements and many people find it a real pain in the bum to figure out and actually comply, however, it is vital for a well-run workplace with a strong safety culture to know, understand and be able to comply. Not complying can lead to a severe bum bite!!

  1. Not knowing the hazards in your venue
    If you don’t know what could cause injuries and damage in your venue, then you don’t know how to prevent the harm from happening, leaving you and your employees exposed. A thorough and regular workplace inspection checklist helps to identify hazards so you can fix them before they bite.

  2. Performance management or lack thereof
    I get it, it’s never pleasant to have a tough conversation about someone’s performance at work. However, if you have THAT person who always seems to be running late, not doing their work or goofing off, then they are affecting the rest of the team. If you don’t deal with it quickly, the team morale will sink and the workplace culture will suffer.

  3. “That’s the way it’s always been done” syndrome
    This is the most dangerous thing that can be said in a workplace. What worked years or decades ago, may not be the best way to do it now. It may even cause more harm! Always think – is there a better way, is there a safer way?

  4. Legal obligations? What legal obligations
    Not knowing your compliance obligations is a big risk. Ignorance is not a defence in the eyes of the law. If you run / own a business, then it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence and determine what needs to be done and when. Industrial manslaughter laws are in place and active in most states and territories now with harsh financial penalties and jail terms.

  5. “I’ll just give the duty manager another hat” syndrome
    Loading your DM’s with more and more responsibilities will – sooner or later – lead to compromises being taken and burnout. Are they really the right person to manage anti-money laundering or all the requirements of health and safety on top of their usual role?

  6. Training staff? That costs too much
    Not only do you have legal obligations to provide training, instruction and supervision to your staff, you want your staff to be performing at their best. Without training, how do they learn and improve? Training isn’t a cost, it’s an investment in the excellent performance of your venue.

  7. Induction – that’s a type of cooktop isn’t it?
    The recruitment and onboarding process for new staff is vital to get right. Getting the right people in, setting the expected standards of performance and behaviour at the very start (even at interview) will provide a strong message of the boundaries and expectations for every new staff member.

  8. It’s just a scratch, don’t worry about reporting it
    It might be a scratch, but without reporting it and finding out how it happened, how can you be sure that it was just pure dumb luck that the person didn’t slice their finger off? Incident reporting is a vital step in finding issues in your venue – albeit a bit too late for the injured employee.

Download our Compliance Checklist today and discover a list of mandatory compliance requirements that apply to all venues. Having these systems in place not only helps prevent injury to your team, but also protects you and your venue from prosecution.

If you want to find out more, or have a professional assist you with compliance at your establishment, get in touch with our Work Health Safety & Compliance Advisor, Michelle Bates on 0401 014 619, or via email 

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