Dining Under The Stars: The Ultimate Red Centre Experience

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I’ve had some amazing dining experiences in some amazing places around the world but one of the most recent and unbelievable dining experiences I’ve had was here at home whilst I was on holidays with my wife and family at Uluru.  I can’t believe I’ve never been there before.  Wanting to really experience the outback, I couldn’t resist the temptation of a five-star dinner on the top of a sand dune in the middle of nowhere, served and catered for by some amazing young indigenous staff. Our after-dinner drinks were accompanied by stargazing and indigenous stories around the campfire.
Like many great experiences they’re hard to explain if you weren’t there. Approximately an hour’s drive north of the Ayers Rock Resort with Uluru as a backdrop we enjoyed views of a desert sunset and sounds of a Didgeridoo player and a five-course dinner under candlelight.
Wandering down to the cooking tent, I spoke with Samantha Fewings, the young indigenous Demi Chef who explained all the wonderful produce they picked from the desert to use in our meals. In my ignorance I never realised there was such a huge variety of produce growing in the vast desert around us.
The food and service could only be described as spectacular. The standard of service food knowledge, wine knowledge and catering skills of the young indigenous staff would put any five-star hotel staff to shame anywhere around the world. I just thought how wonderful it would be if our industry in general could give these young indigenous people more opportunities and how it would harness the Australian hospitality industry.
If you want an unusual and spectacular five-star dining experience here in Australia – keep Uluru on your bucket list.

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