Disposable PPE Fact Sheet

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Wearing gloves is not a replacement for good hand hygiene. Frequent hand washing is required, including before and after using gloves. Gloves may be required for food service, cleaning and other tasks. Gloves and masks are mandatory when providing first aid.
Clean your hands before donning a mask. Avoid touching the mask while using it. Replace the mask as soon as it is damp. Remove the mask from behind, try not to touch the front of the mask. Dispose of mask and wash your hands immediately.
Gloves and masks are to be replaced frequently. Single use PPE is never to be worn for prolonged periods or re-used. Use the below 6 step process to safely remove your gloves. Replace gloves if they are damaged or dirty, or you are moving to a different task. Masks are to be replaced when they become damp. Wash your hands after removing and disposing gloves and masks.
Disposable PPE is to be placed in the general waste bins in your venue. They are not recyclable, nor are they able to be washed and re-used. If the PPE is contaminated (e.g. after providing first aid), place the items in a sealable plastic bag
and dispose in the bin.

Having concerns about potential risks to your staff and customers?
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