Food Safety

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The Food Act and Regulation as well as the Australian Food Safety Standards are in place to ensure that food sold is safe and suitable to eat. These include specific requirements for licensing as well as the creation, implementation and auditing of food safety programs which detail how the risks are managed in food handling operations.
The risk of not effectively managing food safety risks can range from poor diner experiences to causing illness and the loss of reputation from the bad publicity and the potential fines and legal action that follow. Possible penalties if you are not effectively managing these risks range from $2,000 to $100,000 or 2 years imprisonment for each offence under the Act.
DWS undertake an extensive range of services on behalf of our clients aimed at a preventative and proactive approach to food safety. Our food safety services include the following:

  • Development of policies and procedures to define expectations and how legislative obligations will be met.
  • Training of workers in Workplace Hygiene
  • On-site inspections to identify gaps or non-compliance to procedures and requirements of legislation.
  • Consultation and advisory service as required to enable compliance with current legislative and best practice.

The outcome of our food safety services is a significant reduction of risk and full compliance in unforeseen circumstances that gives comfort to venues and reduces the incidence of litigation.

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