Night time trading – what to do now?

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Web-image_Night-time-tradingOn 30 June, trading of liquor (outside safe night precincts) will roll back to 2am, meaning liquor and gaming trading, and licensing will be detached from one another.

Pubs and clubs that have 2am or later trading hours now might seek to trade gaming operations later, up to 4am.

Many pubs and clubs outside the safe night areas that don’t currently hold approvals to trade to 2am or later, seven days a week should consider obtaining approval for more flexible late night trading. It’s our general recommendation for all clubs and pubs with strong evening trade to consider seeking 2am trading, seven days a week to enable full late night gaming trading. Applications can be lodged now, requiring a Standard CIS for liquor and “Form 70 submissions” for gaming.

Contact the team on (07) 3878 9355 for more information.

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