Greenbank Services Club Goes Again

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In yet another example of the confidence in the future of the Queensland Community Club industry, one of Queensland’s leading Clubs has just announced their redevelopment plans. 

As Club’s prepare for the opening of The Star Casino within the Queen’s Wharf Precinct, which will be one of the largest casinos in the southern hemisphere, Greenbank Services Club is preparing for what may be not only the largest redevelopment for the Club, but within Queensland in recent times.

Greenbank Services Club’s General Manager, Tim Wright, said the Club will continue to offer a family friendly environment,  expanding its child friendly areas, including remodelling the Club’s family restaurant, coffee shop, in addition to remodelling  the lounge areas and multiple bars.

Greenbank has one of the largest community support programs in Queensland which includes charities, school sporting organisations along with its extensive staff education support program.

The Club’s new renovations were designed by Gold Coast based Altis Architecture, designers of the multi-award-winning Dee Why RSL in Sydney. 

The redevelopment will be built by Paynters Pty Ltd who have been building clubs throughout Australia for over sixty years. Mr Wright reported they are looking to start to the renovations in February 2024.

Artist impression sketches of Greenbank Services Club’s upcoming redevelopment plans.

Mr Wright also said there will also be some surprises for members and the community in the new facilities to look forward too.

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