Hopping into Easter: Social Media Strategies for Engaging the Community at Your Venue

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Easter is a prime time for friends and families to gather, and local clubs, pubs, and hotels can leverage this spirit with creative marketing campaigns. Here’s how to hatch a winning social media strategy that attracts both in-venue and online customers:

Engaging Activities:

  • Virtual Egg Hunt: Take the classic egg hunt online! Hide clues or riddles in social media posts leading to a virtual prize basket. This keeps families entertained and drives traffic to your page.
  • Cracking Content: Host a “Cracking Egg” contest: Encourage families to decorate real or virtual eggs and share photos with a designated hashtag. Offer prizes for the most creative or funniest entries.

Savvy Social Content:

  • Eye-Catching Photography: Ditch the stock photos! Capture mouth-watering dishes from your Easter menu, vibrant table settings, and family-friendly activities at your venue.
    Behind the Scenes Peek: Show off your team’s preparations! Post short videos of chefs decorating desserts or staff setting up Easter decorations. This creates a sense of community and excitement.

Promotion Techniques:

  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes: Get your audience and members involved! Ask what their favourite Easter dish is or run a quiz about Easter traditions.
  • Easter Cocktail Showcase: Feature enticing Easter-themed cocktails with creative names like “Carrot Patch Punch” or “Bunny Hop Bellini.” Post photos and recipes, encouraging responsible consumption for adults only.

Family-Friendly Focus:

  • Highlight Activities: Showcase your Easter offerings – kids’ entertainment, colouring competitions, or egg decorating stations.

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  • Special Offers: Promote family-friendly packages with discounted meals or free activities to keep the kids entertained over the school holidays.
  • Easter Bunny Appearances: Announce any scheduled visits from the Easter Bunny, and make sure you ask everyone who gets pics to share with you online and tag in your venue.

Spreading the Word:

  • Run social media contests well in advance to build anticipation.
  • Cross-promote your Easter offerings across all your online platforms (website, email marketing, socials, in-venue screens, etc.).
  • Encourage user-generated content by asking people to tag your venue in their Easter celebration photos.

By implementing any of these engaging tactics and focusing on the whole family experience, your club, pub, or hotel can crack the code to a successful Easter marketing campaign that creates a buzz and welcomes families through your doors.


If you need a hand developing your Easter social media strategy or executing your plans, get in touch with our Digital Marketing Consultant, Lauren, on 0490 332 462, or email


Extra Tips for the stayers!
If you’re still reading, here’s some additional tips that could really step up your Easter game in 2024.

  • Consider local partnerships: Partner with local businesses for Easter basket giveaways or family photo booths at your venue. This expands your reach and appeals to a wider audience.
  • Embrace local traditions: Highlight any unique Easter traditions in your area and tailor your offerings accordingly.
  • Accessibility is key: Ensure your social media posts and marketing materials are accessible to all. Use clear language, consider alt text descriptions for images, and offer options for people who may not be able to attend in person (e.g., video showcases, personalised emails, online alcohol sales, etc.).

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