Justine Channing stands as a prominent figure in the gaming industry, boasting a remarkable career that spans over three decades in executive gaming management. With a keen eye for innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence, she has made significant contributions to the hospitality landscape across Australia, Europe, and beyond.

Her journey began in the heart of the industry, where she gained invaluable experience in product management roles at industry leaders Aristocrat and IGT. Venturing across continents, Justine introduced Australian-style gaming machines to new markets in Europe, leaving a lasting impact on the global gaming scene.

Equipped with a wealth of experience and insight, Justine led IGT’s Gaming Analysis and Insights department, utilising data to inform strategic decision-making. Her meticulous reports and tailored analyses catered to the specific needs of various gaming venues across Australia, establishing her as a respected authority in the field.

She is currently the Editor, Co-Owner and Managing Director of The Drop, a premier gaming newsletter that is widely read by the industry leaders. 

In her role at DWS, Justine will work directly with clubs and gaming venues to establish profitable gaming operations, maximise revenue and enhance the overall gaming experience for patrons.

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