Looking to the Future, Club Helensvale’s Ongoing Planning

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The dramatic transformation underway at Club Helensvale in the last three years looks like going on for many years yet, following the final two days of the new strategic plan which was held at City Golf Club Toowoomba coordinated by John Dickson DWS.

City Golf Club Toowoomba was chosen as the venue in order to highlight the diversification and expansion opportunities that gaming revenue has afforded the community club industry in Queensland. Peter Constance the General Manager at City Golf Club Toowoomba, escorted the Board Members from Club Helensvale on a tour of its facilities and amenities.

In addition to maintaining one of the best regional golf courses in Queensland, it is currently conducting major renovations at Drayton Bowls Club, renovating its 45 apartment motel, continuing to upgrade the Mini-Golf and driving range, expanding parking facilities to over 500, and has recently opened a $1.2 million kids play room, the largest West of Brisbane.

City Golf will also be developing its own new strategic plan in October this year coordinated by DWS.

Photographed is Wayne Moffatt CEO Club Helensvale, Eddie Britnell President City Golf Club, Margaret Donaldson Chair of Club Helensvale, and John Dickson Chairman of DWS.

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