National Safe Work Month – Week 1 Injuries at work

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Week 1 of National Safe Work Month focuses on some common health and safety risks and how to control these to keep workers safe – whether it is from slips, trips and falls, lifting, pushing and pulling (manual tasks), or moving objects.

There are also hazards at work that are not visible but can cause injury or illness, such as noise, gases, vapours, fatigue, and sitting too long in one position. 
Whether you work in construction, agriculture, manufacturing or an office, all workplaces have hazards that need to be identified and risks that need to be managed to keep workers safe.

Use our range of resources to help you manage health and safety risks and create a safer and healthier workplace.

For those who experience an injury or illness because of work, workers’ compensation can help. Learn more about workers’ compensation with our information sheets that explain what workers’ compensation is and how it can support workers.

Find out more on the Safe Work Australia Website and discover great resources, information sheets and guides to help you be more work safe.

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