“Nobody Can Save Me”

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In a short period of time, “Nobody Can Save Me” has achieved the #1 bestseller status on Amazon. Its subject is highly relevant in today’s rapidly changing world, which is causing confusion for many and leading to a surge in mental health issues, particularly among younger people.


The feeling that you are worthless, a failure, and a burden is not true. You are unstoppable!” says Matt Runnalls, the author of this remarkable and highly relatable book.


It’s time to change how we perceive and treat mental health. After losing ten friends to suicide and fighting hard for his own second chance at life, Matt Runnalls is now dedicated to opening the conversation around this silent tragedy that affects thousands daily.  

Living with bipolar disorder has inspired Matt to embrace its insights and pour his experiences, learnings, and well-being principles into the book he wishes he had when he was younger.

"Mental health is not about suffering; it’s about seeing struggle, adversity, and pain as gifts, as teachers to a better life and a better version of ourselves. It’s about learning to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion, which helps us strengthen our most important muscle, that of emotional resilience. It’s about bringing hope and acceptance to those experiencing unbearable emotional pain."

Matt’s drive and personal story have helped him compile the most practical tools and strategies from world-renowned thought leaders and innovators in the field of mental health, as well as from inspirational people he has had the privilege to meet, work with, and learn from. Matt presents an array of lifestyle practices and mindsets that can propel those struggling to true and deep well-being and an unstoppable future.

“Nobody Can Save Me” is the powerful new dialogue around mental health we’ve been waiting for. It bridges theory with straightforward, lived experience and presents real insights and actionable steps for people struggling and those who care for them: parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, mentors. Let’s start the conversation.

Due to the book’s popularity, it is currently unavailable on Amazon, where it reached #1 status and was priced at $59.00. Copies are available at the Mindfull Aus website for $29.95.

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