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In the realm of Australian business, it’s widely acknowledged that our industry in particular operates within a highly regulated environment, often cited as one of the most rigorously governed countries globally.

 This reality is particularly evident for those working in the hospitality sector where our main product and service offering are two of the most politically sensitive topics: alcohol and gambling. Despite their entrenched status in Australian culture, these industries continually face pressure from both governmental bodies and vocal minority interest groups, advocating for increased regulations. This dynamic creates a complex landscape for businesses to navigate, whilst managing to appeal to the interests of various parties.

Amidst this regulatory labyrinth of misinformation, it becomes imperative for our industry to have a voice characterised by reason and pragmatism. Clubs Queensland do an exemplary job in representing our industry, often engaging with governments across the political spectrum to address and provide practical solutions to community concerns related to alcohol and gaming management.

Image credit: Clubs QLD

What should also be noted is the Queensland Government’s progressive, people centric approach to these industries, which, albeit initially cautious, has proven to add tremendous value to our state, exemplifying a strong balance between regulation and industry vitality.

This model serves as a compelling example nationally (and even internationally), showcasing how thoughtful regulation can mitigate risks while fostering business and community prosperity.

Despite the commendable efforts of industry bodies like Clubs Queensland and the Queensland Hotel Association, their contributions often go unnoticed by the broader public. This lack of recognition is regrettable, given the extensive work and partnerships these organisations cultivate for the betterment of the community. A recent communication from Clubs Queensland underscores the depth of their advocacy efforts, revealing a level of activity that surpasses industry expectations. It is incumbent upon us all to acknowledge and appreciate Clubs Queensland’s advocacy, recognising its pivotal role in representing our industry.

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