Regional RSL Plans for the Future!

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For the past two decades, Stanthorpe RSL has upheld its position as the premier hospitality venue in Stanthorpe.

With a forward-thinking approach to corporate governance and strategic planning, DWS Hospitality Specialists have had the privilege of delivering corporate governance training and strategic planning workshops to the Club throughout this period.

The DWS Hospitality Specialists team worked closely with the Club’s Board and new President, Jim Baxter, to develop their recent Strategic Plan. 

Witnessing the realisation of the Committee’s aspirations, both businesses have experienced sustained growth and are eagerly anticipating the future.

This is evident through the numerous renovations and enhancements undertaken in recent years. Under the leadership of General Manager Glenn Boston, the current committee convened its biennial strategic planning workshop at the Club, facilitated by the DWS team.

In photo: John Dickson (DWS). Karen Miles (DWS), Glenn Boston and Jim Baxter (Stanthorpe RSL)

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