The Introduction of the Digital License And What it Means to You!

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Are you in hospitality in Queensland and need help understanding how to manage customer identification verification for digital licences?

We have been receiving a few questions about the upcoming introduction of digital licences in Queensland and how to manage customer identification verification in venues for AML/CTF compliance, so here’s a quick run through for you.

Obtaining and verifying identification is a vital and mandatory process in your AML/CTF compliance, but how is this going to happen when Qld State Government release the digital drivers licences in 2023? Here are some initial points you need to know for your venues compliance; 

  • The digital licence is legally equivalent to the physical licence.
  • You won’t be needing to purchase any specific equipment to verify the new digital licences.
  • A QR code is included on the app to easily scan, store, and verify personal identification for your AML/CTF “Know Your Customer” requirements.
  • You can ask the customer to use their app to share their licence as a PDF, which can then be shared with you as a text message or email sent to your venue.
  • The customer’s device should stay always with them, you should not need to take the device from them during any checks.

You can watch this video to give you a greater overview of how the digital license will work. 

Then, to learn more about how your business can check, scan, and verify digital licenses, you can download the Department of Main Roads Business Pack here!

Finally, you can download the full TMR Poster here. 

If your venue is looking for further clarification or you have any questions about the new licensing and how it relates to your AML/CTF requirements, please feel welcome contact Michelle Bates, our Work Health Safety & Compliance Advisor, on 0401 014 619 or

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