What 3,500 customers said about clubs and pubs

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Imagine how powerful it would be to understand what 3,500 of your customers were customer_service_webthinking. That’s what has happened with the 2014 DWS Consumer Survey. We sent a standard customer survey to just over 35,000 members of the public. Around 10% of the recipients completed the survey. We asked them to tell us how often they go to pubs and clubs, how often they go to their favourite club or pub, who makes the decision on where they go, how much they spend on F&B and gaming and what factors influence their decisions to visit a club or pub.

The results were revealing but here are some of the headline outcomes.

1.  Women are far more interested

Women are almost twice as likely to answer research than men.  61% of the respondents were women and just on 35% were women aged between 41 and 55 years

2.  Membership is important… it breeds loyalty

Respondents who are members (club member or member of a rewards program) will give their favourite club or pub two thirds of their annual visits. On average, respondents visited a club or hotel 25 times a year approximately twice a month. Strong poker machine players (those who spent over $100 on their last visit to a club or pub) will visit a club or pub 35 times a year, while a moderate player who spent over $50 on gaming at their last visit, go to clubs or pubs around 29 times a year.

3. Males aged 40 and under visit more often but spread the love around

Males aged 40 years and under visited clubs or pubs around 28 times a year but will only give half (51%) of those visits to their preferred venue. Women aged 40 and under are more faithful, visiting any club or pub 21 times a year, giving their favourite venue almost 62% of their outings.

But as people mature (over 40 years), they visit pubs or clubs a little more often but stick to their favourites.

4. The importance of women to clubs

The survey found that 68% of strong poker machine players, those who spent over $100 on their last visit to a club or pub, were women aged over 40 years.

Women also determined 76% of venue choices outside visits that involved males visiting on their own (with no one else).

5. What strong poker machine players like

When asked the key determinants in deciding their preferred venues, strong poker machine players listed:

  1. Convenience (easy to get to and car parking)
  2. Café food and good food generally
  3. Latest machines that ‘payout’
  4. Service and safety

If you would like a cost-effective way to survey your customers and members, call the team at DWS on 07 3878 9355 or email us at

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