Why Stop at Having a Roof Only Over Your Head? Future Proofing Cazalys in Cairns

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Many businesses and industries are looking to sustainability projects not only to reduced energy costs but also to recognise their corporate governance responsibility. In the case of Queensland community clubs, the multi-award winning Cazalys in Cairns have also recognised as a community owned organisation they should be taking the lead on sustainability. With this in mind they are now in the first stages of a range of multi-million-dollar projects including the installation of 200 solar shaded car parks, a benchmark project merging environmental responsibility with cutting-edge technology.

The solar panels not only provide shelter from the North Queensland sun but will also reduce the club’s electricity cost by an estimated 31%.

For the technically minded, the panels boast a remarkable 637 kW, equivalent to an estimated 96 kW Australian home solar panels, which can harness energy from both sides even reflection from the ground substantially increasing their efficiency.

  The Club has also installed an EV charging station and installations for EV vehicle charging, export power to the Cairns electrical network.

The Club’s General Manager Jason Wale said he was excited and proud of the Club’s development in sustainability and looks forward to developing additional projects that are in the pipeline. 

These include a huge underground water tank to reduce water costs and additional solar panels on the roof which will chill their air conditioning and refrigeration during the day and be used at night to cover 70% of the Club’s night-time electricity use.

For more information on these exciting projects why not contact club manager, Jason Wale, or read the press release here.

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