Bargara Golf Club | Protecting the Board

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Bargara Golf Club is currently negotiating for a multi-million dollar development on its ocean front golf course in the coastal town of Bargara, just out from Bundaberg. In consideration are apartments, retiree accommodation and a new clubhouse. Anticipating the significant contracts that the club will be required to enter into, the Directors are conscious of their corporate governance compliance as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Accordingly, the Board is modernising its constitution and turned to John Dickson and the team at DWS, to bring their constitution into the twenty-first century and make it more workable for the Board and better to be understood by the members.

Bargara Golf Club GM, Ian Witt, and DWS Executive Chairman, John Dickson.

Why not talk to John Dickson and the team at DWS to see how your constitution could be modernised to improve your committee or board’s management of your Club in a language that will also be better understood by your members.

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