Bribie Island RSL Club goes to the Dogs Playing Lego

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Unquestionably the hottest club in Queensland right now is Bribie Island RSL Club.
New initiatives are being developed by the creative management team led by Janelle Barraud, who really understands their key community customers and are leading the way in bringing feminisation to the club industry.

Thomas J. Peters the author of the bestseller In the Search of Excellence determined that 80% of the use of disposable income is determined by females and children. This feminisation and family friendly approach to the club industry has been slow to materialise, largely since clubs were initially developed for blokes, by blokes, and many of them are still administered and lead by blokes.

Bribie Island RSL Club General Manager Janelle Barraud with Dog Owner Ian and his Labrador Ben, at the venue’s Dog Friendly Café.

There is no doubt in my mind the signpost for the club of the future can currently be seen at Bribie Island RSL Club.  Their innovations around their bike and dog friendly café has created astonishing business results and their latest family friendly venture of a kids Lego room will surely be an absolute hit.  Full marks to Janelle and the Board for having the foresight to try new things to appeal to a broader section of the community, particularly the decision makers of the family that are spending that disposable income.  See what they have to offer families here Bribie Island RSL.

Bribie Island RSL Club General Manager Janelle Barraud and her team getting creative in the venues new Lego Room.

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