Bundaberg Fruit & Veg Growers Are Not ‘Kale-ing’ It a Day!

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Bundaberg is well-known for some outstanding Queensland community clubs, such as The Waves, Brothers Sports Club and the RSL Club, what it is not so commonly known is that 25% of Australia’s fresh produce is grown in the Bundaberg area. The organisation that represents the hundreds of growers in the area is the Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Ltd, the BFVG. It is through the community clubs in the area that the BFVG became aware of John Dickson and the team at DWS and their work in corporate governance for Companies Limited, which many clubs are now converting to.


The BFVG engaged John Dickson to conduct a one-day face-to-face corporate governance workshop in Bundaberg. Corporate governance principles for clubs equally apply to industry associations. 

Reviewing the corporate governance PowerPoint presentation, left to right: Bree Watson CEO (BFVG), Jim Randall Chair (BFVG), and John Dickson (DWS). 

In addition to the dozens of community clubs DWS has delivered corporate governance to, workshops have also been conducted for the Master Builders Association, The Local Government Association of Queensland and The Queensland Police Commissioned Officers Union of Employees, just to mention a few of the other organisations. 

When did your club last update its understanding of recent changes to legislation around corporate governance, in a face-to-face interactive workshop? 

Why not contact DWS and discuss how we can develop a custom corporate governance workshop for your club.

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